Pistol River

Pistol River...

Pistol River is an unincorporated community between Brookings and Gold Beach, located near the Pistol
River just off U.S. Route 101.

The community of Pistol River takes its name from
the stream of the same name. James Mace, a militia soldier, lost a pistol in the river in 1853, during a skirmish of the Rogue River Wars, and it has been known as Pistol River since then.

The Pistol River area is known for its windsurfing,
with the national championships having been held there three years in a row.

Pistol River has a concert association that has hosted
a monthly concert, often featuring nationally known
acts, since 1982.

Beautiful, sandy beaches of Pistol River


Windsurfing Nationals at Pistol River 



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