Gold Beach



Gold Beach...

Where the Legendary Rogue River meets the sea...
the heartbeat of America's Wild
Rivers Coast, located on the Southern Oregon Coast, approximately 37 miles North of the California border.

The city of Gold Beach has a population of about 2000 people.  However the surrounding areas will increase this number to 4000.  The population of Curry County is about 22,000.

The main industries are tourism, agriculture, sport and commercial fishing, lumber and wood products.  Large employers are Curry County, Curry Health District and Freeman Marine.

Gold Beach experiences pleasant average temperatures of 65-70.  During the winter months the average temperature is 45-50.  The climate is very mild.  Even though Gold Beach receives an average of 70-80 inches of rain each year, the area is in the enviable position of having the highest total sun hours on the Oregon Coast.

Gold Beach property taxes are an average of $11 per thousand and the property is NOT reassessed after purchase, but on a rotating basis. 

Whether you're relaxing along the Rogue River with your fishing pole or strolling the beaches searching for agates, you are sure to feel at home in our quaint community.






Jerry's Jet Boats tour 187 miles up the Rogue River 

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