December 2010
By Karen
January 25, 2011

The close of 2010 came with positives and negatives.   Although sales in general were equivalent to 2009 sales, average purchase prices dropped 12%.  The median sale price for the month was $247,200.

December saw 4 new pending sales (homes in escrow) between the price of $160,000-$184,900.

7 properties closed escrow in December- 4 homes between the price of $30,000 (mfr in park) - $399,000 and 3 Lots between the price of $75,000-$185,000.

It is important to note that there were still strong sales for our area in December.  Typically agents tell their sellers it is okay to remove their properties from the active market during the holidays.  However, if that advice was followed, 11 property owners would still be waiting for the "right" buyer to come along. 


In our backyard...
By Karen
January 25, 2011

As a realtor in Gold Beach, I'm constantly showing people our community and attractions.  Sometimes though, even I forget to look around.  I'm so busy getting from Point A to Point B that the scenery is truly just a background. 

Last night I went on a hunting expedition with my husband and as I sat in his not-so-luxurious 1987 Ford Bronco I watched the background of my life without a care.  Up the mountain roads, around the small creeks that dot the landscape, past clear-cuts and heavily forested lands.  

A colorful sunset, hiding just behind a green, forested mountain.  Oranges, purples and reds all combined to create a masterpiece of soft sweeping brushstrokes.  It was stunning and yet, if I looked up from the dinner dishes just about any evening of my life, I could see the same thing from my kitchen window.  Why did I have to take a drive miles from civilization to slow down enough to enjoy the beauty that my town has to offer everyday? 

It takes only a minute to stop what you are doing and really look around at what nature has to offer.  We have so much abundance of that here and yet, we manage to ignore our own backyard beauty.  So, as I type this blog, I look out the window and the sun is shining, the sky is blue and a fog bank is gathering over the ocean.  And I appreciate where I am and what I am doing at this moment.

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